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Why choose South Auto Electrics?

We offer a full comprehensive electrical fault finding service together with the latest dealer level
diagnostic equipment to identify and solve problems quickly and effectively, we also provide an
after market installation service which include dash cam, reverse camera and blue tooth

installation. We come to you!

Our Services

Warning Lights - When a warning light appears on your vehicle it means that the vehicles own
diagnostic system has registered a fault in the form of a code, the modern vehicle can produce
hundreds of different fault codes for various reasons. If we cannot connect to your vehicles ECU

for any reason no charges will be made.

When the fault is found you can choose for the repair to be carried out by us or receive a copy

of the diagnostics report for £45.00

Fault Diagnostics – Vehicles are being fitted with more and more technology, a multitude of
electronic control units to control various components for comfort and safety systems.
Our technicians use the newest top of the range tools to find the fault. This covers -
Alternators, starter motors, sensors, exterior lighting, interior lighting, central locking,
Immobiliser faults and in car entertainment.

Mechanical Faults – If the diagnostics show a mechanical fault, we have fully qualified
mechanics which will replace the unit usually the same day. Most jobs are completed where the
car is located as we are a mobile company. We are happy to review ANY quote you may have
received from any garage.

            ****** NEW *****  - Due to the rapid success of the company, we now have a unit consisting                       of state of the art equipment, allowing us to take on any auto repair work. 

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